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Hair beauty and universal repulsion

What to do so that the hair is not electrified? If we go back to school physics courses, we can remember that charges of the same name repel each other, and oppositely charged ones, on the contrary, attract. This property explains many phenomena in our lives, including the electrification of hair, which can ruin hairstyles and turn the head into a kind of dandelion. The fact is that the electrified hair, receiving a positive charge, begins to repel each other.

Why is hair electrified?

Why is hair electrified and magnetized, what external factors affect it? Often, dry damaged hair is electrolyzed. The most common reasons for this are:

dyeing and perm;
Cold weather, wind;
artificial heating in winter, which makes indoor air too dry;
use a hair dryer;
Dehydration of body tissues;
Vitamin deficiency.
Dry hair has a broken structure, where microscopic scales on each hair pull away from the hair shaft. In healthy hair, they are tightly pressed against each other and the hair does not carry a large positive charge. And why electrification can be noticed?

Hair is strongly magnetized and electrified by using hats, synthetic clothing, and plastic combs.

What to do first?
Hair is electrified
“Often, hair gets electrified in winter. Synthetic clothes, dry air due to radiators and improper hair care aggravate the condition. Using an antistatic agent for clothes, using moisturizing hair masks and constant use of conditioner after shampooing helps effectively. I also advise you to refuse hairspray, as it further contributes to their dryness.

Evgenia Semyonova

So that the hair is not strongly electrified, it is necessary to make special masks with folk remedies at home, but this will be discussed a little less. To get started, here’s what you need to do first:

Change the comb, choose materials like wood and natural bristles, birch comb is considered good;
Minimize the use of iron and hair dryer, it is very harmful;
Put away synthetic clothes in the closet, clothes made from natural fabrics do not allow hair to become electrified and magnetized;
If you choose care products, pay attention to the composition – panthenol, ceramide and silicon help eliminate electrification;
Always use conditioner after washing your hair;
Drink enough water to avoid dehydration;

It is effective to regularly make masks with folk remedies – they restore the structure of each hair and the hair becomes less electrified.
In general, the choice of how to deal with electrification of hair depends on why it appears, and if the reason is dehydration, then you just need to increase the amount of water consumed every day. To understand why your hair is magnetized, analyze your diet, lifestyle and evaluate the level of cosmetic care.

Fast way
What to do if the strands are strongly electrified at the most unnecessary moment, flying in all directions? In such cases, it is recommended to wet your palms with mineral water and smooth the hair. However, this method is effective and allows you to ensure that the hair is not magnetized for at least half a day. There is also a method according to which you need to lubricate the palate with a small amount of cream and smooth the curls.

If you really don’t like these products, get an antistatic bottle, for example, “Nutri Protex” from Oriflame or “Daily Shine” from Avon. These products are very effective and specially designed for hair.

Natural home remedies
What to do so that the strands are not electrified? There are many recipes and at home, folk remedies, the most common product, come to the rescue. Like, why not the same mineral water? After washing her hair, she should sprinkle the curls and for more efficiency, add lavender, eucalyptus or rose essential oil to it, 3-4 drops each. These oils are very good natural antistatic agents, they can be dissolved in plain water and sprinkled on the hair so that they do not electrolyze. The following are the most effective remedies for electrifying hair.

If the strands are very strongly magnetized, try washing your head with mineral water, but not carbonated, this method tones the skin and improves its blood supply.

You can wash by adding lemon juice or beer to the water, as well as strong brewed tea – 300 ml of tea per liter of water.

Masks with yolk are considered a very good remedy, if the strands are electrified, try three recipes:

Mix 1 table. l honey, olive oil with one yolk, then add 5 drops of lavender oil to the mask and apply on the head before washing for 30-35 minutes;
Combine two yolks, the contents of three vitamin A capsules, 2 teaspoons of honey and the same amount of almond, burdock or olive oil;
Mix the pulp of a mango, turmeric and 100 ml of kefir and wrap it three times a week, after washing, use conditioner.

To protect the hair from electrification, practice a mask of dry mustard mixed with water and honey, just remember to check for allergies at the elbow. Keep the mixture for up to an hour, if you can’t because of the burning sensation, limit yourself to 30 minutes. If the strands are magnetic, you can try a mask made from simple bread gruel made with water or warm milk.

A mask of 30 ml of olive oil and 4-5 drops of rosemary essential essence is also effective. The last ingredient can be replaced with lemon juice, these tools will help ensure that the hair is not electrified. The sight of a fluffy dandelion on your head is not scary for you, because now you know a lot about what to do if your hair is electrified.

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