Friday, June 9, 2023

Pretty girls may cause men to have heart attacks, says study

News Desk:  The number of heart attacks is increasing. It occurs in both men and women. It is not only elderly people who are having heart attacks, but the elderly are also added to this list. However, the incidence of heart attack is relatively higher in men. There can be many reasons behind a heart attack. Recently, a study reported sensational information.

Studies show that beautiful women can cause heart attacks in men. Surprisingly, the results of the research show this. A group of researchers in Spain claimed that men’s heart rate increases when they see beautiful women. And the risk of heart disease can increase from there. Therefore, the researchers advised to be restrained while there is time in this regard. This was first reported in a report by WBMD.

In the mentioned research report, a group of researchers from the University of Valencia in Spain said that when beautiful girls approach, men’s stress increases. This stress tends to increase when unfamiliar beautiful girls come forward. Those researchers in Spain claim that seeing a beautiful woman increases the heart rate of most men, which increases the risk of heart attack.

The study period was nine years long. After that, these researchers from Spain reached this novel conclusion. Researchers claim that seeing beautiful women suddenly can sometimes cause male emotional stress so severe that it can even cause a heart attack!

Researchers at the University of Valencia claim that after conducting a study on 84 male volunteers, men’s heart rate increased significantly within five minutes of being approached by beautiful girls. The research says that within these five minutes, the secretion of a special hormone called ‘cortisol’ in the body of boys increases a lot. Excessive secretion of this ‘cortisol’ hormone increases the risk of heart damage to a great extent. Diabetes and various neurological problems also increase. So it is important for men to exercise restraint when looking at beautiful girls.

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