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The four types of food that cause sleep problems at night

Experts recommend eating light at dinner all the time. Because heavy food is not well digested at night. Many times when we go to a party somewhere, the dinner may become heavy, and due to carelessness, we eat any wrong food which is not good to eat at night.

Any wrong habit affects our body. It takes more time to digest food at night. So be careful while taking dinner. Do not eat any food that may cause discomfort. Eating gurupak food at night can cause gas, heartburn etc. It can also cause indigestion. So before going to bed at night, always avoid these three foods-


At the end of a tiring day, you may feel like sitting back at home with a mug of coffee. It can be eaten in the afternoon, but never drink coffee at night, especially before going to bed. Caffeine in coffee can stimulate the body. That’s why I don’t want to fall asleep. Many people drink coffee to stay awake again. This is also a harmful habit. If this habit continues day after day, problems like insomnia or insomnia can occur.

Cold drinks

Many people have a habit of drinking a glass of cold drink after dinner. Cold drinks are kept in the fridge all the time. Eat a glass of cold drink to avoid discomfort when eating heavy meals at night. Even if it gives relief to the mind, it causes discomfort to the body. Cold drinks can give you temporary strength. But the lot of carbonated inside it is very harmful for the body.

Fast food

Fast food is not a good food. The more such foods are avoided, the better. Do not eat pizza, burgers, moghlai, instant noodles, especially at night because you are hungry. This type of food takes a long time to digest. As well as extra calories enter the body. And there is no chance to burn calories at night. As a result, such gurupak food can cause gastric problems. Sleep is not good at night due to discomfort.

Foods rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the essential elements for our body. This vitamin is most needed to increase immunity. However, eat foods with this vitamin as much as possible during the day. Never eat foods rich in vitamin C at night. Because it can be acid. It is best to refrain from eating all kinds of fruits at night.

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