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A few words about stroke…

Online Desk: Stroke is an English word, which means – stroke. A sudden injury or attack is called a stroke. In the language of medical science, a sudden problem in the brain is called a stroke. Some call a heart attack a stroke, which can also be called a heart stroke.

But in general, stroke refers to brain disease. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is obstructed for some reason. People suffer from stroke only if the blood flow to any part of the brain is interrupted due to some reason.

Sixty percent of all stroke patients in our country were suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Hence hypertension is blamed as the main cause of stroke. Apart from that, another major cause of brain blood vessel block, congenital malformation of brain blood vessel, brain tumor etc. can lead to stroke due to many other reasons.

People with hypertensives are at increased risk of stroke if they ever do heavy work. Stroke can be of different types. For example TIA which lasts for a very short time and the patient returns to normal very quickly.

Such as blurred vision, loss of body balance and falling from standing, slurred speech, sudden loss of feeling in any part of the body such as hands, feet, face, etc. Although TIA is considered a warning sign of a major stroke. Chronic stroke is called paralysis.

Several symptoms are definitely considered as signs of a stroke such as: numbness on one side of the body i.e. right or left side, patient not being able to walk, walk or stand, difficulty in speaking, hearing or seeing, some have eyes closed Or bending the face to one side, not being able to swallow food etc.

Generally, people with right hand or right side of the body are affected, slurred speech or unable to speak at all. Many stroke victims die instantly. But many of those who survive continue to suffer from paralysis. However, as the person’s stroke level decreases, their paralysis gradually decreases.

This process is so slow that it takes years for the person to return to normal life. Anyone suffering from a stroke should be taken to a major hospital for treatment as soon as possible. It can greatly reduce the amount of damage caused by stroke.

Initially, the patient should be allowed to rest at home, and if hypertension is present, blood pressure control drugs should be given very quickly and the patient should be referred to the hospital with good care.

To avoid or prevent stroke, high blood pressure or hypertension must be controlled and blood cholesterol levels must be normal. If someone has a TIA, their risk of having a stroke is extremely high.

It is recommended that such a patient be treated as per the advice of a medical specialist. So everyone should be aware of this.

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