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How to get rid of acne forever

News Desk:  Acne is a very normal process. Acne can occur on the face for various reasons. But if the problem is severe, then you must consult a doctor. But acne can be reduced with some home remedies if it is normal. Let’s find out-

Pay attention to diet and lifestyle

First look at diet and lifestyle. If you don’t follow a proper lifestyle, it will affect your health negatively. To be honest, if health is affected, it will be reflected in the skin. Increase skin problems.

So drink enough water. Keep seasonal vegetables in your diet every day. Also eat protein and vitamin rich foods. The more junk food can be avoided, the better. See if the problem is fixed!

Use homemade packs

You can use home packs to get rid of acne problems. But neem and turmeric pack is good for any skin type. For that reason you can use neem and turmeric pack. Chop the neem leaves. Mix equal amount of turmeric powder with it.

Then do the spot treatment. Apply this mixture on your face only on the pimples. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off. Follow this routine every week. You will see it is fixed.

That causes acne

You may have bacteria on your hands, so don’t touch pimples all the time. There is no bad habit of touching acne. Don’t make this mistake in life especially if you have acne on your face. But if you see acne problem is not decreasing. Then consult a doctor without delay.

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