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How long can boiled eggs be kept in the refrigerator?

Life Style Desk: Almost everyone likes to eat eggs. Egg omelette or boiled eggs for breakfast is different for everyone. Besides, eggs are eaten in various recipes. However, there are many who have boiled eggs for breakfast but later forget to eat them. Hard-boiled eggs don’t last very long. However, eggs can be kept in the refrigerator and eaten.

According to the nutrition website American Egg Board, you can store hard-boiled eggs for a week if stored properly. In this case, the peel cannot be removed. Keep in the fridge with the peel. All eggs should be stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4.4 degrees Celsius.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eggs should generally be eaten within 2 hours of cooking as a perishable food item. Because eggs spoil very quickly.

According to nutrition website Incredible Egg, hard-boiled eggs are good for up to a week if stored properly in the refrigerator. However, peeled boiled eggs must be eaten fresh. That is, it should be eaten on the day it is boiled.

Refrigerating boiled eggs produces hydrogen sulfide gas. But it is not harmful. Refrigerating boiled eggs can harden them. A slight change in taste may also occur. In this case, you can eat boiled eggs by making different recipes instead of eating them directly. Like fried eggs or egg korma.

Nutritionist Shamsun Nahar Tahira said, “It can be kept for a week in an air tight box. After boiling it should be kept with the peel when it cools down. But before boiling the eggs should be washed very well. So that there is no dirt.

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