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Men who never find love

Desk News: Love relationships are not created just like that. It requires the consent of two people. But I said suddenly and the other person said yes, that is not the case. Most of the time, it is men who are deprived of love. There are complex equations behind this. So let’s know, women who say ‘no’ to men who propose love to them –

Make a straightforward offer

Most men go straight for a love proposal without messing it up. Even after never speaking in his life he proposed to that man. This is how falling in love actually happens in movies. In reality, love cannot be found by doing so. So this mistake cannot be done at all.

talking too much

Many people are guilty of talking too much. People who talk too much, they don’t really want to listen to others. Instead, he continued to talk like himself. But in the case of love, this should not be done at all. Otherwise, the problem will increase.


Many have a tendency to be overconfident. They actually think that what they are saying and doing is right. So every man must look carefully at confidence. It is good to have confidence, but it becomes dangerous when it goes beyond certain limits.

Most of the time, it is men who are deprived of love
bad face

Many men have a tendency to frown. As a result many of them are not liked due to poor oral language.
In this case, women must know something about men before falling in love. Now if she finds out that the man’s language is bad, then the possibility of responding to his love proposal is very low.

get drunk

Many men think that addiction is a very normal thing. However, that is not the case at all. In this case, addiction causes problems in the body. Nothing better happens than that. Most women don’t even like drunk men. In this case, women like to avoid them. So be careful.

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