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Benefits of honey

Health Desk: Honey is one of the ingredients in medical science. Honey is called a panacea. Health protection, treatment, beauty practice – honey is used everywhere.

The famous Muslim physician Ibn Sina has recommended the use of honey as a cure for many diseases in his world-famous medical test book The canon of medicine. He says about the benefits of honey, honey makes you happy, aids digestion, relieves cold, increases appetite, increases and sharpens memory, clarifies the tongue and preserves youth. Below are some of the benefits of honey:

Boosts immunity:

Honey boosts the body’s immune system and also provides the ability to resist any bacterial attack inside and outside the body. Honey contains anti-bacterial properties that protect the body from unwanted infections

To maintain oral health:

Honey has been used for oral health since ages. If someone has a hole due to a mouth sore, then honey helps to fill the hole and does not allow pus to accumulate there! Gingivitis is relieved by gargling with water mixed with honey. Again, if honey is used on the teeth, it prevents tooth decay. Apart from preventing tooth decay, it also prevents tartar build-up and delays tooth loss. In addition, honey promotes healthy gums by dilating blood vessels.

Boosts Immunity:

Honey boosts the body’s immune system and also provides the ability to resist any bacterial attack inside and outside the body. Studies have shown that honey contains highly potent anti-microbial agents. This agent fights harmful pathogens in the body. Antibacterial properties in honey protect the body from unwanted infections. A study by the University of Sydney in 2007 showed that honey is very effective in preventing infection with superbug bacteria. Different diseases often weaken the body due to the attack of different viruses. Honey is very effective against these viruses.

Generally, honey contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that protect the body from various diseases and help to boost the immune system. Also, taking a spoonful of honey every morning reduces the problems of cold, phlegm, cough etc. To increase the immune system of the body, eat lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon juice every day.

The Chinese mixed milk and honey and ate it with bread every day. It became a habit for them. Some people take it with honey in lukewarm water or with honey in tea. This practice is still seen among many Chinese.

Use of honey for cuts and wounds:

Honey is said to be a natural antiseptic. Antibacterial properties of honey keep cuts or wounds free of germs. Honey is used to treat wounds, burns and cuts on the body. Honey contains antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria on wounds, burns and cuts. Apply a thin layer of honey on the cut, everywhere. Pain will be reduced and healing will be faster. Honey contains antimicrobial properties that help in wound healing and reduce pain, odor, pus, etc.

Honey has been used to heal wounds since ancient times in Greece and Egypt. In 2007, Dr. Shawn Blair, a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia, said,

“Honey should also be added to the wound dressing to prevent infection. Suppose you cut a part of your body and don’t have antibiotic ointment at hand. Honey can be used as an alternative. Honey also prevents bacterial invasion. This way, honey will allow your wound to become infected. No, and the wound will heal quickly.”

A 2007 study by the University of Sydney found that honey was more effective than medical dressings for most cuts and bruises. Honey is also very beneficial for inflamed skin. Nowadays, scientists are talking about the use of honey to heal minor cuts. What can be the sweetest use of honey? But how to use honey? Let’s take a look:

First of all, the wound area of the patient should be cleaned well. Now apply pasteurized honey on the wound. Now tie the bandage. Cleanse well like this three times a day and use honey.

Honey to reduce the risk of heart problems:

By mixing cinnamon powder with honey, it removes various problems of blood vessels. Helps clean blood vessels and lowers bad cholesterol in the blood by up to 10 percent. Regular consumption of this mixture of honey and cinnamon reduces the risk of heart disease to a great extent. If someone is suffering from heart disease then that risk will also decrease.

Honey can help control cholesterol levels in the body and help prevent heart disease. The fruit honey can also help lower high blood pressure.

Increases energy:

Honey helps to boost energy instantly. Since honey is a form of natural sugar, it quickly replenishes the calorie deficit in the body. Honey is a good source of heat and energy. Honey keeps the body healthy by providing heat and energy to the body.

Honey helps to remove your physical weakness, fatigue. You can eat a spoonful of honey whenever you feel tired. The weakness of the body will disappear immediately.


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