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Advantages and disadvantages of duck eggs

Health Desk: As a nutritious food, eggs are a well-known food. An egg is packed with almost all nutrients. Eggs are said to be powerhouses of protein and nutrients. Although we eat chicken eggs very easily, there is a doubt about duck eggs. Because we have heard many praises of chicken eggs since childhood, but we are rarely familiar with duck eggs.

First of all duck eggs and chicken eggs taste, and smell almost the same. Although they look almost the same, duck eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs. The shell of duck egg is relatively hard and thick and does not spoil easily. And can be eaten for up to six weeks without any refrigeration. Be it any food in the world, each one will have benefits as well as disadvantages. So duck eggs are no exception, so duck eggs have two advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of duck eggs:
Learn about the benefits and nutrition of duck eggs. What are the benefits of duck eggs? Duck eggs have various benefits as detailed below.

How many calories are in duck eggs?
A normal sized duck egg contains – 181 kcal, protein 13.5 g, fat 13.7 g, calcium 70 mg, iron 3 mg, vitamin A 269 microgram. Eggs provide energy to the body. We need a lot of physical energy to perform our daily activities. A single duck egg in the morning will give you a world of energy throughout the day.

If you exercise a lot or do GYM, then duck eggs are an ideal food for you. This will give you energy to do more exercise or physical activity. Doctors recommend eating eggs after exercise. Duck eggs are rich in “Vitamin B” which converts food intake into energy and keeps that energy for a long time.

Duck eggs and chicken eggs

Source of egg protein:
Protein is one of the most essential elements in our body. And a very good source of protein is duck eggs. It contains a lot of protein. Along with protein, the calcium present in it makes the bones of our body strong and strong. Keeps our teeth strong and healthy. And helps children’s brain development.

Keeps heart good:
Duck eggs prevent blood clots in the heart. Which helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Duck eggs solve eye problems:
Our eyes are an important organ. Many vitamins are needed to keep the eyes healthy, among them vitamin A plays an important role. And eggs contain a lot of vitamin A. Carotenoids and lutein in eggs reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and improve eyesight.

Eating duck eggs during period:
Duck eggs are very good for girls during periods. Because during this period, girls become anemic due to excess. And the iron in eggs prevents anemia.

Duck eggs control cholesterol:
Duck eggs help us control cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol in our body. One is bad cholesterol and the other is good cholesterol. Duck eggs lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels in the body to maintain good cholesterol levels.

Duck eggs are a source of choline
Choline plays an important role in our overall well-being. Deficiency of choline in the body causes liver problems. Eggs contain about 300-400 grams of choline. So eggs keep the liver, nerves, and liver healthy.

Controls weight:
Duck eggs work very well as a weight control food. Many times we overeat because we have more to eat. Weight gain is usually caused by overeating. But eggs help us lose weight by curbing our hunger. So you can eat eggs to maintain weight.

Duck eggs boost our immune system. A lot of zinc in eggs strengthens the immunity in our body. It is necessary to eat eggs to prevent various diseases including cold, cough, fever. So eggs play a role in increasing the immune system of our body. All the benefits discussed will benefit you no matter how you eat boiled duck egg baja curry.

Harmful aspects of duck eggs-

Rules for eating duck eggs:
The rule of eating duck eggs is a maximum of 2 or 1 per day or 1 egg every other day. Usually taking 1 before exercise and one after exercise is beneficial. Again, eating a duck egg at the beginning of the day is much better. If you are underweight then eating 1 duck egg before sleeping at night will increase your weight.

Harmful aspects of duck eggs:
The harmful side of duck eggs is not to eat anything in excess. Similarly, it is not good to eat extra duck eggs. It is better to eat maximum 2 or 1 egg per day or 1 egg every other day. Eating too many eggs can increase cholesterol levels in the body. And bad cholesterol causes heart disease. You can avoid health risks by eating eggs in moderation. There are many benefits of duck eggs in doubt. But there are some benefits.

What happens if you eat duck eggs every day?
Vitamin B12 in duck eggs reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Duck eggs are also rich in vitamin A, which improves eyesight and maintains blood and skin health. Selenium in it increases immunity. Then duck eggs are rich in riboflavin, which is a powerful antioxidant. But eating too many duck eggs is not good at all.


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