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Benefits of honey consumption

Life Style Desk: It is said that the medicine for all diseases except death is honey! Honey is a very useful food, product and medicine. It is a wonderful blessing given by Allah.

Let’s know the benefits:-

1: Prevents heart disease. Aids blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and increases heart muscle activity.

2: Increases immunity.

3: Prevents cancer.

4: Cleans and strengthens the teeth.

5: Increases eyesight and memory.

6: Honey has antioxidant power, which helps prevent aging by protecting the body from various injuries.

7: Honey calories increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in blood clotting.

8: Beneficial in intestinal diseases. Honey can be used alone to treat various stomach ailments.

9: Very useful for decomposing sores in the mouth of weak children.
10: It helps in controlling various body secretions and increases warmth.
11: Vitamin B complex and calcium rich honey strengthens nerves and brain.

12: Since honey contains starch digestion enzymes and minerals, it plays a unique role in keeping hair and skin healthy.

13: Honey removes constipation.

14: Regular consumption of honey is very beneficial for those who suffer from anemia especially women.

15: If children get used to eating a small amount of honey every day, they will not get cold, cold, fever etc. easily.

16: Increases appetite, digestion and taste.

17: Purifies the blood.

18: Strengthens the body and lungs.

19: Removes tongue stiffness.

20: Honey removes bad breath.

21: Relieves arthritis pain.

22: Eliminates headache.

23: Increases children’s physical structure and weight.

24: It is especially beneficial in cough-asthma and cold-related diseases.

25: Eliminates physical weakness and prolongs strength.

26: With the consumption of honey, the body temperature increases, as a result the body becomes healthy, fresh and functional.

27: Eliminates sexual impotence and retains youthfulness. According to the famous honey scientists of the world, enough honey is enough daily to eliminate sexual impotence.

28. Consuming honey regularly does not cause the disease of metal weakness.

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