Saturday, May 25, 2024

Big changes to Google Chrome

Rajbari Journal Desk:  Changes are coming to the desktop version of Chrome. The icon will change in the new one.

Moreover, the color of chrome is also changing. There will be positive changes in your tabs and toolbars. It’s not just the Chrome browser itself that’s getting a new look. Google is also updating their Chrome Web Store. Trying to make it more beautiful with design flair. The new design has also been exposed to public preview recently.

The new style is much better than the old chrome. Google is also bringing new updates in the field of Safe Browsing tool. It also tries to make your browsing safer. Whenever you visit a dangerous site, Google puts the site on a list and updates it within 30-60 minutes. Bad site list by Google can save you from browsing risky sites. And by reducing this risk detection time, Google will be 25 percent more effective against malware.

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