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Celebrating Dog’s 100th Birth Anniversary

Tokyo, Nov 9, 2023 (Online Desk) : Outside one of Tokyo’s main train stations stands a statue of a dog whose true story of loyalty has made him a beloved symbol for generations.
This godly dog is named Hachiko.

Tomorrow, November 10, marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of university professor Hidesaburo Ueno’s beloved dog Hachiko. Hachiko sat at Shibuya station day after day waiting for his master Ueno to return home.

Ueno died unexpectedly in 1925. But Hachiko continued to come and go to the train station waiting for Ueno’s return for almost 10 years until his death on March 8, 1935.
Like ‘Greyfriars Bobby’ in 19th century Scotland, the story touched the hearts of many locals. Who paid for the dog’s statue in 1934, a few days before his death.
The statue was melted down for metal during World War II. But it was rebuilt in 1948 and became a popular meeting place.

Today locals and foreigners alike flock to the museum in Oda, Hachiko’s birthplace, to take photos with a statue of Akita dog, a popular Japanese breed. Hachiko was born on November 10, 1923.

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