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Drinking raw milk can cause brucellosis

Online Desk: Recently, eight people have been diagnosed with Brucellosis in Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar in the southern part of the country. This contagious disease is spread from cattle.
Last year several patients came to the respiratory disease hospital of the upazila with symptoms of corona. Even though their health tests came back negative for Corona, those patients were suffering from fever again and again.
In this condition, triple antigen test is done to diagnose the cause of their disease. Through this test the presence of three types of bacteria Brucella, Salmonella, Rickettsia is checked.
International Diarrhea Research Center Bangladesh (ICDDR’B) tested triple antigen of 153 such people from February to August last year and detected brucellosis in 8 people including children.
ICDDRB scientists said that these patients had a history of drinking raw milk from cattle.

What is brucellosis and why does it occur:
Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease caused by the bacteria “Brucella”, meaning it is transmitted from animals to humans. This disease can be spread from domestic livestock such as: cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, pig. It is also known as ‘Mediterranean fever’ or ‘Malta fever’.
Because brucellosis is highly contagious, the disease can also spread to humans if someone comes in contact with an infected animal or eats raw milk or raw milk products from an infected animal. Because raw milk contains bacteria called Brucella as a parasite that eats and enters the human body.

But not all animals have Brucella in their milk. This bacteria has only been detected in raw milk from sick animals. If curd, cheese, ghol, matcha, ice cream or anything else is made with that milk, there is a risk of infection.

Again, eating raw or semi-cooked meat of cattle, while the body is cut, there is a risk of human infection even if it comes in contact with the blood, meat, feces and urine of sick animals. Cattle infected with this disease may cause abortion. If the blood from the abortion comes in contact with the cut part of the human body, it can infect him.
According to the US Centers for Disease Control, human-to-human transmission of brucellosis is extremely rare. Infected mothers who are breastfeeding may transmit the infection to their infants, or sexual transmission is rarely reported. Infection can also occur through tissue transplants or blood transfusions.

Prevention and control:
Experts recommend avoiding raw milk, or raw dairy products. In this regard, ICDDRB’s assistant scientist and zoonotic disease specialist Irene Sultana Shanta said, “If the milk is boiled for at least 15 minutes without drinking raw milk directly or eating food made from raw milk, then this bacteria will die. There is no risk even if raw milk is boiled once and consumed cold.”

Factory pasteurized milk does not contain these bacteria. However, many packaged milks may not be safe even if the word pasteurized is written on them. Experts say that boiling any kind of milk is safe.
Talking to the residents of different areas of Teknaf, they came to know that the people of that area have a tendency to drink raw milk from cattle. Because they think consuming raw milk is more beneficial for health. Again, many poor families are not interested in boiling milk as it reduces its quantity.
Meanwhile, brucellosis can also be caused by eating raw or undercooked meat. However, the way meat is cooked for a long time in Bangladesh reduces the risk. The most effective strategy for preventing brucellosis is to eliminate the infection in animals. Cattle should be treated and vaccinated if possible.

And increasing awareness among locals to prevent animal-to-human transmission, complying with occupational hygiene. At the same time be careful in agricultural work, cow farm maintenance and meat processing.

Symptoms and treatment:
Symptoms of brucellosis may appear as early as two days or several weeks after infection with the bacteria. These symptoms are very similar to flu-

# High fever and fever will fluctuate
# Back and joint pain
# Headache
# Extreme fatigue and weakness
# Loss of appetite and weight loss
# Restlessness and sweating
# Symptoms of brucellosis may resolve within a few weeks and return again.

However, the long-term signs and symptoms can be quite complicated, according to the Senior Program Coordinator of the Respiratory Diseases Hospital in Teknaf, ICDDRB. Ziaul Islam.
He said, once this bacteria enters the body, it can remain dormant for several months. After getting a suitable environment, it starts infecting different parts of the body.
Arthritis is a symptom of chronic brucellosis. It can also cause inflammation in the nervous system, liver and spleen and even the heart.

In acute infections, the patient may experience fluctuating fever, extreme weakness, head and body pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and even depression.

Scientists say that if someone is not treated in time after being infected with this disease, then the patient may die due to acute infection. However, the affected person can be fully cured by patiently taking antibiotics for one and a half months. It is very important to finish the course even if the patient feels better after taking the medicine for a few days.

Dr. about this. Ziaul Islam said, “There is nothing to panic about this disease. The first thing is to be careful. Even after that if someone ak

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