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Heat sensitive skin, keep cool with a few ingredients

Desk: The temperature is increasing as the day goes on. As soon as you go outside, the skin gets scorched by the intense heat of the sun. Due to heat and sun, the skin is often damaged.

However, some home remedies can protect the skin from heat and sun. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Cucumber is very beneficial for the skin in addition to being eaten during summer. Harmful sun rays cause skin rashes and burns. Cucumber has nothing to cure it.

2. You can use ice cubes to keep the skin cool and fresh during summer. If the skin is irritated or even if you have a tan problem, wash your face with ice cubes in a little water.

3. Potato juice can easily remove any inflammatory skin problem. Skin swelling, irritation, uneven skintone can be relieved by using potato juice.

4. Aloe vera has many benefits in skin care. The various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in it can easily relieve acne and skin irritation.

5. If you are plagued with sunburn in summer, you can rely on honey. Its moisturizing and antibacterial properties can keep the skin free from infection.

6. Dab water is very useful for skin that is damaged by the sun. It helps the skin retain moisture.

7. It is important to drink enough water in addition to using all household ingredients for skin care in summer. Apart from this, wash your face with mild cold water as often as you get time during the day.

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