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Is it necessary to bring water out of the ear?

Desk: Sudden water can go to the ears. There is nothing to fear. Many people think that water in the ear will damage the ear. This idea has no scientific basis. Water in a healthy ear does not actually cause any illness. However, when there is water in a healthy ear, there is a problem when trying to get it out.

Things to avoid:

# There is no need to be afraid of water in the ears.

# No attempt should be made to drain the water from the ear.

# Many people try to blow air through their ears by holding their nose. The common belief is that the water in the ear will come out due to the air pressure. In such an effort, there is a danger that various parts of our middle ear may be injured or damaged from the inside. Even the eardrum may become perforated. But the water in the ear did not cause any such damage.

Many people think that if you put a lot of water in the ear, all the water, including the water that entered before, will come out easily from the ear. For this he put more water in the ear. This idea is also wrong. It can also be counterproductive. So don’t do that.

# Don’t try to remove earwax or ear discomfort with a cotton bud. Cottonbuds are very harmful to the ears.

Some try to get the water out of the ear by jumping again or shaking their head. It should not be done either.

When to see a doctor:

Water in the ears is not a problem. It does not require any treatment. However, in those with pre-existing ear infections or other problems, water in the ear may feel heavy or uncomfortable, just as dirt in the ear may swell and feel heavy after the water enters the ear.

In some cases, it is seen that pus is also falling from the ear after the water enters the ear. In these cases, water in the ear is identified as the root cause of the problem, which is not true at all. Rather, it should be understood that there was already a problem in the ear. If any such symptoms appear, then you can’t try to get the water out of the ear. Instead, go to an ear, nose and throat specialist and diagnose the root problem of the ear and treat it.

But be careful:

If someone has an ear infection or a bacterial or fungal infection, care must be taken to prevent water from entering the ear. If someone has frequent itchy ears or ‘ear ringing’ problems, they should be careful not to get water in their ears.

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