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Loneliness is increasing

Desk: A person’s overall health is not only about the health of his body. Mental health is also important. The expression of joy in one’s life is related to one’s mind. Touhidul Haque, Assistant Professor of Psychology Department of Dhaka University, said that psychiatrists in Bangladesh say that although there have been many changes compared to before, people in the country are still reluctant to go to mental health specialists. However, mental problems like other physical problems can be fully cured with proper counseling and treatment.’ His speech does not end here. Here are his views:

People are slowly becoming aware of mental health in our society. But while mental health counseling is fine for them, mental hospitals are nothing but madhouses for them. Suppose someone is admitted to the hospital. Then naturally the acquaintances will be disturbed and ask, what happened? When someone says mental hospital, many people think that person is crazy. This idea, this idea is completely wrong.

A group of researchers from the University of Granada in Spain reports that there are several similarities between depression and heart disease ‘risk factors’. Neglecting this means mental exhaustion can lead to several dangerous diseases. A recent study suggests that depression can increase cardiovascular problems, increasing the risk of heart disease.

The risk of heart disease is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. Teenagers are not excluded from heart disease. Depression certainly plays a role in the risk of heart disease in teenagers. A large part of the generation has become dependent on online. They cannot get out of this dependence. Since they are not able to go out, they sometimes suffer from boredom. This boredom is the main cause of their pain.

Awareness about mental health is increasing. It cannot be said that absolutely no one knows anything about mental illness or problems. But its number is very insignificant. This can be considered as lack of awareness. If the disease is known, the advantage is that the patient has a clear explanation of when he is behaving, why he is doing it, what he is saying, why he is saying it. Otherwise there is a lot of possibility of misunderstanding the patient. Treatment is also interrupted. So the relatives of the one who has mental illness should know about the illness from the doctor. What is the name of the good disease to know? What kind of skinny? That is, when it can increase or decrease. If there is any special feature of the disease, it should also be known. Nowadays, the opportunity to learn about the subject has been expanded by taking advantage of the Internet. If the name of the disease is known, the details can be known by taking advantage of the internet. However, it is important for the policy makers to build various mental health institutions. Appropriate education should also be imparted in this regard.

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