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Low Gas Cooking Tips

Online Desk: Cooking gas cylinders have now reached almost every home. In addition to the international market, the prices of cooking gas cylinders have also increased excessively lately. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the use of cooking gas unnecessarily, thinking about the environment and thinking about your pocket.

Some tips to stop unnecessary use of cooking gas-

Cooking with little water: Many people use a lot of water unnecessarily while cooking or boiling food. While cooking on gas, water should always be added according to quantity. Because, if the water is more, it takes more time to boil. It also delays cooking. After boiling, discard the water. So this practice will save both water and gas.

Cut vegetables into small pieces: Do not cut vegetables into very large pieces for cooking. It does not want the vegetables to cook quickly. Larger pieces of vegetables will also take longer to cook. So always cut vegetables into small pieces. It will cook the vegetables quickly on low heat.

Keep the burner clean : If the burner is dirty, the gas consumption is high. So clean the burner regularly. If a blue flame comes out of the burner, then you know that your burner is clean and since it can release gas evenly, it also costs less. Because cooking is quick. If you see the color of the fire is red or yellow, then it is time to clean the burner.

Cook with a lid: Covering food can also save gas. The moment you cook with a lid on the pan, the steam generated from the heat will return to the pan and not go away. As a result, vegetables or pulses or meat will be cooked quickly and you will also save cooking gas.

Use of rice cooker or pressure cooker: Using a rice cooker or pressure cooker for cooking is as easy as it is economical. In this busy age, cooks feel comfortable cooking in a pressure cooker these days. Cooker can cook more than just rice. You can learn those recipes by visiting YouTube. Unfailing pressure cooker to cook food in less time and save gas.

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