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Non-vegetarian salad will reduce weight

Online Desk: Salad is not just a ‘mixed’ combination of raw, cooked or semi-cooked vegetables. Salads can be made while maintaining the satiety of the rasana. Salad can also be mixed with non-vegetarian ingredients. It increases the taste and nutritional value of the salad. But animal meat is better than vegetable meat. Not just fish or meat; Eggs, sour yogurt, white sauce or mayonnaise are also considered sources of animal meat.

Vegetables such as rajma, peas, chickpea boots, dubli, various types of nuts, bean seeds are also useful for the body. Apart from this, apart from meat, vitamins and mineral salts are also available from them.

Why eat meat salad?

Shampa Sharmin Khan, associate professor of food and nutrition science department of Government College of Applied Human Sciences in Dhaka, said, “I want to eat meat every day.” Many children do not want to eat fish. Adults too often suffer from monotony of repeating the same posts. You can make delicious non-vegetarian salad to diversify your diet.

Eating food cooked with excess oil and spices can cause stomach discomfort and heartburn. Non-vegetarian salads are also good for the stomach.

A great vegetarian salad also makes the main course interesting. Non-vegetarian salad can be a great alternative to Dalpuri-Singara during work breaks.

Many follow a diet to lose weight. Many people, even if their weight is correct, fix their diet considering the nutritional value as part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

It is healthy to eat less sugary foods (but no ingredient can be completely excluded. Salads made from meat and other ingredients will satisfy hunger and provide nutrients. Raw vegetables are rich in antioxidants.

You can also add them to the salad. A salad is never a substitute for a main course. A non-vegetarian salad fills the stomach. If a meal is kept low in carbohydrates and a salad made of meat and vegetables is added in sufficient quantity, then on the one hand, as the necessary nutrients are available, there is no need to eat ‘junk food’ for some time. As a result, calorie intake remains within limits. Salads made of non-vegetarian food and vegetables are therefore also good for those who want to control weight.

Vegetarian Salad Recipe:

A simple salad can be made by boiling eggs and cutting them into cubes or large pieces and adding salt, pepper, lettuce leaves, green or black olives and olive oil.

You can make a salad with the back part (this part has less oil) of big fish (rui, catal etc.). Boil lightly for salads. When the fish turns pinkish in color while cooking, take it off. Add salt while boiling. You can also add ginger.

Or if you want, you can lightly fry it in a little oil. Tuna or coral fish can also be a salad. Add lemon juice to remove the fishy smell. You can add ingredients such as mint leaves, lettuce leaves, cashew nuts etc. to the salad. Or simply mix it gently with green chillies and chopped onions to make a salad.

Chicken Salad:

You can make a salad with salt, ginger-garlic boiled chicken (boneless), boiled potatoes cut into small cubes, green apples (raw, cubed), mayonnaise and pepper. The cut materials will look better if they are the same size.

If you make a salad with only vegetable meat, you can add a lot of tomatoes, carrots, lemon juice, mint leaves, lettuce leaves, coriander leaves. The taste will also increase, it will look colorful. Drained sour yogurt can be a great alternative to mayonnaise. Raita is also a source of animal meat.

Salad with sour yogurt and pears:

After draining equal amount of sour curd and sweet curd water, you can make a salad with boiled potato and apple, pepper in it (without sugar). Vegetable and meat salad can also be mixed with raw chickpeas and a little ginger, salt and sugar.

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