Sunday, May 26, 2024

Rafsan is my ‘just friend’: Jeffer

Entertainment Desk: Popular presenter Rafsan Sabab announced the separation of three years of married life with Sania Esha recently in a Facebook status. Meanwhile, after the news of Rafsan Sabab’s divorce came out, another name came into discussion. And that is musician Jeffer Rahman. It is being claimed on social media that Rafsan divorced his wife Esha because of her relationship with Jeffer. This time, Jeffer opened his mouth about the matter.

According to the media, Jeffer has claimed that the relationship with Rafsan is only friendship. Rafsan also made the same claim earlier.

In this context, Jeffer said, ‘I usually try to avoid these things. But this issue has gone too far. Rafsan is my friend, just like any other friend in the industry.’

The singer added, ‘We did shows, attended many events and even hung out, but it wasn’t just the two of us, we had other friends with us.’

Jeffer commented, ‘Don’t believe what you read on social media. Just because someone accuses you, again without any evidence, doesn’t mean you have to believe it.’

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