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Rubiales may not even approach Hermoso, that plea

Sports Online Desk: Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, kissed the neck of the player who won the title, Jenny Hermoso, after the Women’s Football World Cup final on August 20. The waters of that incident have flowed far. Rubiales had to leave the post of president of the federation even though he did not want to. Hermoso’s case had to go to court.

Rubiales appeared in court on Friday to face possible sexual assault and coercion charges. Prosecutors requested a restraining order during the hearing, popular sports website reported.

In the restraining order, prosecutors asked that Rubiales not have any contact with Hermos and not come within 500 meters of him. The judge in the case, asked for the footage of that incident (kissing).

If convicted in the case, Rubiales could face 1 to 4 years in prison.

Meanwhile, despite Rubiales’ resignation from the federation and the sacking of World Cup-winning coach Jorge Vilda, the players are sticking to their decision not to play for Spain. Because they want some more changes in the Spanish Federation.

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