Monday, December 11, 2023

Scientist’s phone bill increased due to eagle bird

Desk news;  A Russian scientist studied eagles. And he is in trouble for paying the phone bill for this research work. His bank account was about to be emptied.

In the study, the researchers used a ‘tracking device’ to monitor the movements of 13 eagles. The device that sends text messages to his mobile phone. News BBC Bangla.

He started monitoring the movements of birds from Russia and Kazakhstan. The problem, however, is that one of these migratory eagles, the female eagle, did not stop flying just to the borders of Russia and Kazakhstan. He has traveled as far as Afghanistan and Iran. And that scientist is in danger.

Same inside the country, but when the SIM is roaming outside the country, all the mobile phone companies in the world charge.

In Kazakhstan you have to pay 2 to 15 rubles for SMS. But with roaming charges from Iran, it went up to 49 rubles.

The scientist and his colleagues from the voluntary organization ‘Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center’ did not look for any other way and applied for financial help through social media.

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