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Some Unknown Uses of Onion

Online Desk: Onion will be used in daily cooking. It adds flavor and nutrition to food. Onion has many health benefits. But it does not end here, the known onion has many unknown uses. Apart from cooking, you can use onions for many other purposes. You may be surprised to hear them. Let’s know about some unknown uses of onion-

To clean the oven:
Oven is very effective in preparing and heating our various foods. It has made many tasks easier in today’s busy life. Keeping the oven clean is also important to maintain good health. And onion can help you in this task. The antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients in it work to prevent fungal infections in the oven.

To remove rust:
If there is too much rice or milk in the stove, it will float up and fall on the burner of the gas stove. After that the smell remains for a long time. Onion works to remove this kind of smell. Cut the onion in that place and keep it. It will remove all the smell easily.

To eliminate burner odors:
Sometimes iron or steel items get rusted if they are not used for a long time. Onion can make this rust removal easier. Onion juice will help remove rust. So if the knife, scissors are rusted, you can apply onion juice on them. After that, rub it well and wash it. It will remove the rust easily.

We use many things in hair care. Did you know that onion juice is very useful in this case? Many people do not want to use onion juice on their hair because of the smell. But the smell goes away after using shampoo. Meanwhile, the use of onion juice makes the hair strong, shiny and long. So you can keep onions in your regular hair care from now on.

Onion is especially effective in keeping the stomach cool. So if your stomach is hot, you can eat raw onion. It will cool the stomach quickly. But don’t eat a lot of raw onions at once. Eat in moderation. Only then will you get benefit.

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