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Steamed Cake prepared in pressure cooker

As soon as winter comes, the smoke of making bahari pitha falls from house to house. Bengalis don’t forget to taste steamed (Cake)  pitha in particular. Everyone likes to eat steamed pita mixed with date jaggery and coconut.

But many people think that making this pitha at home is troublesome. They can make steamed pita without a steamer but with the help of a pressure cooker. Here is the recipe-


1. Rice powder 1 cup
2. It is like the amount of molasses of dates
3. Coconut in quantity.


>>First take rice powder in a bowl. Do not make the mistake of mixing a little salt with it. If you want, you can add some sesame seeds to increase the taste.

>> Now sprinkle a little water on the rice powder and knead it. Now heat the pot for making pita in the oven.

>>Then first take rice powder in steamed pita mold and put date jaggery on top of it. Top it with 2-3 raisins and grated coconut if desired.

>>Then cover jaggery with rice powder and spread little coconut on top. Now wrap the pita mold in a thin wet cloth and steam it.

>>For this, fill the pressure cooker with water and put it on the stove. Place a funnel in the spout of the pressure cooker.

>>Place the cloth-wrapped pita in it and take the mold. Remove the cake when it changes color. Make each pita like this.



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