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Ways to prevent computer viruses

Online Desk: Today’s topic article is about how to prevent computer viruses. If we are sure about our computer or want to protect it then we need to know how to avoid computer virus. In addition, we need to know what to do if a computer is infected with a virus. Because computer virus will cause you a lot of damage in no time.

What is a computer virus?

The full form of computer virus is Virus – Vital Information Resources Under Seize. What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a type of computer program or some line of code that enters your computer without your knowledge, files in the computer, boot sector or any other information hacker. That is, any program or software or code to cause damage to the computer is called a computer virus. Who or who makes computer viruses? Computer viruses are created by some unscrupulous people/programmers/hackers who want to extort money from you dishonestly or harm you.

What is a computer virus and its types will be explained in detail in another article. In this article only we will know how we can prevent computer virus or ways to prevent computer virus.

How do computer viruses spread?

Computer virus spreads from various sources, one of them is – Internet, pen drive, cracked software, audio, video, image etc. files are also infected. Computer viruses are most common when downloading files from the Internet. People are still unaware of how much caution should be taken when downloading a file from the Internet.

What happens when a computer is infected with a virus?
The computer becomes slow
Takes a restart
The file is encrypted
Hangs for no reason
Various types of ads etc
Ways to prevent computer viruses!

Computer virus can attack or infect the computer in different ways, some of the common reasons will be cautioned. Some of the reasons from which the virus spreads are discussed below:

1. Using antivirus

The first step is to have a good antivirus software on your computer that will help you the most if a virus suddenly enters your computer. If you use Windows 10 as an operating system on your computer, then you will need a separate antivirus on your computer, but for this you also need to be careful.

Many people think that Windows 10’s Windows Defender doesn’t work that well, but I would say that Windows 10’s Defender is very good. I have been using the computer for 2-3 years and still do not use any antivirus. The default antivirus of Windows 10 works very well.

The current Windows Defender is more powerful so I no longer need a new antivirus. This is because I use the computer very carefully so that I don’t get infected. Again, one of my friends used Windows 10 two days ago but due to his carelessness, his computer was infected with Ransomware virus. As a result, all files on his computer are encrypted. So be careful before reading antivirus.

If you are a Windows 7 user I would suggest switching to Windows 10 and if that is not possible then use a good free or paid entry virus software. It is a computer virus prevention method or effective method.

2. Be careful when downloading files from the Internet

The 2nd way to prevent computer viruses is to download files from the Internet. Yes, we often download various files from the Internet for our own needs, such as video songs, movies, audio, games or any other files, which can sometimes cause viruses to enter our computers. When we browse to download files on the computer and download files from unknown websites, those files are infected with viruses if the site is not trusted. So don’t download files from unknown websites.

3. Software downloads

Usually we all download paid software from various resources and use it when we can’t find the software we need. Then we search Google and enter any website and immediately download the software in which the virus is injected. For this, find some trusted sites that do not contain viruses to download software. How to find out? Search on Google and you will get it.

And if possible stay away from crack software download and find an alternative software and use it.

4. Check before downloading files
Virus Scan

If you download a file from online, check if any virus has been inserted in it. After you download the file through or before, you can check the URL of the file to see if there is any virus, then you can use it.

5. Uninstalling harmful software

Just as there are useful software for computers, there are also harmful software for computers. These softwares are installed without our knowledge while installing other softwares. And if this type of bad software is installed today, it also occupies the computer’s memory, so this is the problem

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