Monday, June 5, 2023

YouTube deleted 17 million videos

Desk News: Tech giant Google-owned YouTube removed 1.7 million or 1.7 million videos from India. The company said in a quarterly report that 1.7 million videos were recently deleted for violating community guidelines. The company also said that at the same time, 5.6 million videos were removed from the streaming platform worldwide for violating community guidelines.

Meanwhile, according to the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, more than 94 percent of these videos were identified with AI technology instead of humans.

It also said that 36 percent of the videos removed were removed before anyone saw them. 31 percent of videos were viewed 1 to 10 times before being removed. More than 67 percent of YouTube’s infringing videos are removed before they get more than 10 views.

Also, YouTube removed over 5 million channels in Q3 2022 for violating their Community Guidelines.

Most of these channels have been banned for violating the company’s spam policy. These include misleading metadata or thumbnails, scams, video and comment spam, the report said.

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