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Boys’ acne problems

Online Desk: Acne can occur in all types of skin. Not everyone is a boy or a girl. However, the difference is only the reason. That is the only one; Adult According to experts, boys are Androgen and girls estrogen. In adolescence, boys are more androgens emitting, stimulating the glands of the cibaceous glands, the sebam is being emitted. And this sebum is the food that is acne. And this is why young boys have acne problems. However, not only adolescent acne occurs, it can happen at a young age. Why is acne? Acne problems may occur on boys’ skin for various reasons. In adolescence, hormones change in boys’ bodies. As a result, acne appears on the skin at times. In addition, many people have to spend the day out of work. Bacteria on the skin in the heat of the sun and the outer dust. Whose infunsion causes acne on the skin.

Acne usually appears to oily skin. Many again face problems with genealogy. Experts also say that acne is caused by adequate vitamins in the skin, stress, inadequate sleep and even constipation. Solution Boys are usually indifferent to skin care than girls. Gents Care Experts think such negligence should not be at all. Because the boys have to stay outside the house more time. As a result, the skin of the sun and the dust becomes uneven and uneven. So not without taking care of their skin. As well as acne problems, not only the race in the Gents Parlor, the right lifestyle is needed. According to experts, the sebum is emitted in the cibcius gland due to the abundance of hormones in adolescence. This sebum is bacteria. The reaction of which hormone is formed. In addition, acne further enhances oil or oily decoration. So it is best to avoid such decoration at this time. Besides, no matter how much the hand is, do not scratch acne. Because, once acne stains do not want to go easily. The rules needed to get rid of acne problems. So always keep the face clean. For this, use alcohol -free kinzer. Soap is not at all.

At the end of the day give the cold water jar from the outside. Try to take a bath at least twice a day. Make it a habit to wash your face at least four times a day. Use Ayurvedic facewash to wash your face. You can also try facepack from time to time. Not only in the skin, but also in eating habits will change. Avoid acne and avoid oily and fried foods. Eat more vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Try to sleep moderately.

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