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Talk about heart checkup

Online Desk: Have you been forty -four of you? At present, heart disease or heart disease can be nest in the human body for forty years or more. And if you are infected with hypertension or hyperess or suffer from diabetes or suffer from your nearest parents, siblings if anyone is suffering from heart illness or if you are accustomed to taking intoxicated food.

For example, you are accustomed to taking tobacco, drinking alcohol and taking any other intoxication, but at this age you are at risk of heart disease or heart disease. In this case you check up the heart at least once a year. This type of checkup will result in your heart problem if you have a heart problem. As a result, you will be cautious and deal with heart disease through small treatment in the field, avoid complex situations, and live healthy beautifully. An idea can be given in general what a heart checkup is done through the test. However, a person may not need all types of tests. If you are not suffering from any symptoms of heart illness or are normal. However, these tests will be considered adequate for you ECG, Eco-Cardiogram, blood sugar and blood fat (lipid profile). And if you feel the symptoms of heart disease, such as you feel the pressure on the chest, chest palpitations, breathing, chest pain or a little hard work and rest, and all the symptoms mentioned are removed. However, you will need another test called ETT or TMT with the above mentioned test, but to do ETT, you will definitely require heart specialist permission. In addition to this, you may need to monitor the Haller and City Angiogram in consultation with the Heart Specialist, as well as the doctor’s advice to test the liver function in the field of uric acid, creatinine, thyroid hormone, ultrasonogram. All the above mentioned tests are performed without non-Invasib or any cuts and these tests are not required to be hospitalized. Tests like Conventional NGIgram and EP Study need to be hospitalized and these two tests are done by cutting or operating procedures, so there are some risks in these two tests. Sometimes the risk of death is also seen. The heart rate is seen through the ECG, the nature of the heart is understood, if the heartblock problem is clearly existing, it can also be identified. It can also be diagnosed when the heart speed is excessive or increased excessively.

If someone is infected with a heart attack, it is possible to understand through the ECG. However, it is important to remember that if the ECG is normal or good, your heart is good but it cannot be said. If there is a heart attack at any time in the past, the ECG may be found. However, it is not possible to say exactly when or how long it happened. Eco-cardiogram shows the image or picture of the heart and the movement of the heart is observed, it can be measured by different parts of the heart and many inconsistencies can be diagnosed by the nature of the nature. It is also understood whether there is an unusual hole in the heart.

The position of the heart valve can be determined and the direction of the blood flow inside the heart can be determined. It is possible to determine if there is any shortage or deficit in the heart blood supply through the ETT.

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