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Milk and curd in beauty

Online Desk: Milk and slices in the ritual have been in the beginning of that time. Milk and milk are used as a cream material for cosmetics and skincare products. The use of milk and hair care throughout the world is discussed and researching the use of milk. Experts say raw milk is a good cleanser for the skin. Its lactic acid acts as a gentle peeling agent. It also has the quality of exfoliating. Again the use of milk maintains moisture in the skin. Raw milk is also very good toner, especially for dry skin. Milk contains vitamin A, C, D&K to provide nutrients to the skin and hair. Vitamin C of raw milk helps reduce skin stains. Vitamin D brings back to the damaged skin. Moisturizer: Milk acts as a natural moisturizer of the skin. Massage the milk for a few minutes on the skin, it penetrates deep into the skin and fills the damaged cells. Skin Brightness: Milk is very effective in turning the skin brightness. Mix honey with slices and apply it in the mouth. Honey is high mineral that keeps the skin healthy and enhances brightness. Skin Colors: Lactic acid eliminates the skin’s burns and naturally improves the skin overall. Black spots: Massage milk in the affected area to remove skin stains. For good results, mix one tablespoon lemon juice with the slices. Wash it with water and actually. It helps to remove dead cells and form new cells. Impressions of Age: In ancient times, women used milk regularly as facepack or scrubber. Its protein and vitamins increase cell production and eliminate the impression of age.

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