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US has strong support for Ukraine: Senator

Washington, Feb 17 (Online Desk): The US remains steadfast in its support for war-torn Ukraine, leading Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse told AFP in an interview on Thursday ahead of the world’s biggest security summit in Germany.

American Senator Whitehouse discussed the issues that will be discussed at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. The talks will include Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the climate crisis and tensions between Washington and Beijing over spying claims. News from AFP. A question mark hangs over whether Congress will pass a multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine as the current House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans, Whitehouse said on the eve of preparations to accompany influential Republican Lindsey Graham to the Bavarian capital (Munich). He said there is excessive concern over a few issues. First is to communicate bipartisan and bicameral American support for Ukraine as it resists Russian aggression. He said, “I think there are considerable difficulties in continuing to support Ukraine.” Even among House Republicans, the usual view of continuing support for Ukraine is counterintuitive. Whitehouse expressed hope that there would not be substantial corruption and misuse of American dollars or military supplies. This will not happen, he said. The Rhode Island senator also told AFP that an agreement could be reached on sending fighter jets to Kiev. “I think it would be very helpful if other allies contributed,” he added.

Sheldon Whitehouse, considered one of the top environmentalist senators, was optimistic about Congress’ ability to pass climate change legislation even in the Republican-controlled House. Another topic likely to be discussed in Munich is the dispute between Beijing and Washington and recent intelligence activities.

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