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Don’t eat the 6 foods in the morning

Online Desk: Good or bad health depends on what we eat on an empty stomach in the morning. There are many things we eat every day on an empty stomach, which have a bad effect on our digestion. As a result, stomach problems and physical fatigue occur throughout the day. And when there is a disturbance in digestion, one health problem after another occurs.

There are certain foods that should never be eaten on an empty stomach. It is good to know about those foods. It is important to know why these foods should be avoided.

Many people drink various juices in the morning to keep their body healthy. But because these drinks are cold, they affect our digestion. Speeds up digestion. Also affects metabolic rate. Apart from that, if you eat these in the morning, there is a possibility of getting cold and cough. Consuming fruit juice on an empty stomach can increase blood sugar levels and adversely affect the pancreas and liver.

In the morning, many people eat honey mixed with hot water. When honey is mixed with hot water, it acts like poison in our body. Because honey binds grains in hot water, and drinking it creates free radicals in our body. So drinking this drink every day can cause serious diseases.

Adequate protein is essential for good health. But protein is not easily digested. It takes a long time to digest. This can lead to gas, bloating, constipation in your stomach. However, you can eat good protein-rich foods for breakfast and lunch.

Many people have the habit of eating fruit in the morning. But eating citric acid-like fruits on an empty stomach makes the stomach feel heavy, increasing the production of stomach acid. And the fructose contained in these fruits hinders the digestion process. So don’t include fruits like oranges, musumbi in the morning menu.

Sandwiches are a favorite food of many people for breakfast. But the amount of butter and fat in these foods can increase body weight. So it is better to exclude sandwiches from the list of breakfast! Apart from this, fried food should be avoided in the morning. It can increase the problem of indigestion.

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