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Enlarged part is now the cause of pain!

Entertainment Desk:  Sanai Mahbub is a popular name in the film industry. The name is discussed at different times for different reasons. She was finally engaged to a member of Parliament from the ruling party but the marriage did not last.

Sanai Mahbub

In a recent interview, Sanai shared various information about her breasts. Newcomer actress Suprabha Mahbub Binte Sanai said that her breasts are small, so she has enlarged them with breast implants.

Many famous actresses have done it. Among them we hear the names of India’s Sushmita Sen, Ayesha Takia, Shilpa Shetty, Sri Devi, Mallika Serwat, Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu.

So he also did the first breast implant for Bangladesh. Breasts are one of the most important parts of female beauty. Many Bollywood actresses have undergone breast augmentation surgery. Similarly, Sanai also joined it.

The body of Bollywood stars is often seen with knives and scissors.

Sometimes Shilpa Shetty became beautiful after ‘plastic surgery’ and sometimes Anushka Sharma. Actress Bani Kapoor sometimes changed her appearance by doing plastic surgery.

All in all, plastic surgery is a minor issue for Bollywood actresses. But, this time, Dhakaya heroine Sanai is at the door of breast implant surgery?

Sanai told the media, ‘I have done breast surgery from Thailand to make myself look different. Not modernity, but basically doing it to enhance one’s beauty.

When asked how much money was spent, Sanai said, “I spent about 35 lakhs in total. But these surgeries are very expensive.

It is known that the face and lips can be changed completely. Recently, any picture or video of actress Sanai goes viral all over the country the moment it is published on her own Facebook page or Instagram.

But after all the discussions, after 3 long years, he also gave a bad news, said that after this breast implant surgery, although there is some improvement, now he is suffering from various physical problems. The size of which is increasing day by day. Changes are coming in many parts of the body.

But last year, he said that Sanai Mahbub, who presented himself openly at one time, wanted to work in the media following the screen system. He said, ‘I will never be seen in an open avatar like before. I want to participate in media as much as possible by maintaining screen and I want my known director producer to contact me. I repeat, I look forward to presenting cooking shows or talk shows. I want to return to the media with something like that, not with something open like before. Thank you.’

Meanwhile, Sanai announced her separation. On his verified Facebook page, he writes, ‘The husband who does not understand how much his wife is precious to him, the husband who does not understand what is the right of his married wife over her, the husband who does not understand what is the family? The husband who does not understand how much Islam has given the rights of the wife over the husband, the husband who is not aware of what the rights of the wife are, the husband who prefers something else than the relationship between husband and wife, it is better to let go of his hand slowly.

Now the number of fans of heroine Sanai is huge all over the country. Up and coming young women are taking his stylish pictures and videos on loop.

It is known that the films Mainar Itikatha and Supta Agun are already awaited for release.

Nayak has also gained popularity by acting in two films, Pratiksha and Pratishdoh, and Love 24/7, signed with Simon.

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