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If you can kill ‘Russell’s Viper’ half a lakh taka reward!

Faridpur: “Russell’s Viper” is increasing day by day. This time, the residents of Faridpur are spending their days in fear due to the news of Russell’s Viper infestation increasing. Movement of this snake has been seen especially in different places of Char area. Farmers are not going to work in the fields due to the fear of snakes. Everyone is panicking.

So far 10 people have died in the country due to ‘Russell’s Viper’ snake bites. Faridpur District Awami League General Secretary Shah Md. has announced a reward of 50,000 taka if he can kill this snake. Ishtiaq Arif.

⋙ What to do if bitten by Russell’s viper snake?

He announced this at a preparatory meeting organized by Faridpur District Awami League at Russell Square in the city to celebrate the organization’s 75th founding anniversary. District Awami League leaders including reserved women parliament member Jharna Hasan, district Awami League president Shamim Haque were present in the meeting.

Shah Md. Ishtiaq Arif said about Russell’s viper snake at one stage of his speech, “If anyone can kill a Russell’s viper snake in Faridpur Kotwali area, then he will be given a reward of 50,000 taka.”

He said, ‘This reward will be given for killing each snake. Those who can kill as many snakes as possible will be given a reward of 50 thousand taka for each snake. We try to protect people from this snake. That is why this announcement was made.’


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