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Why go to Sri Lanka to get married?

Entertainment Desk: A few days ago, there were many allegations against Chamak and he was getting married.

Recently, the director of a play Adib Hasan told Chamak, “The way you are reacting, no such incident has happened here. Why are you threatening them? The builder tried to convince him but failed. Senior actor Masum Bashar was with the producer at that time. He also tries to convince Chamak. At one point, the producer said, if he leaves without shooting, he will have to pay compensation. It is known that at one stage of the argument, when the producer Adib felt sick, he was taken to the hospital.

At one point, Chamak informed the police. While crying, he complained that many people on the set, including Masum Bashar, threatened to kill him. When the situation became more complicated, Nazneen Hasan Chumki, Joint General Secretary of the Actors Association, appeared there. He tries to calm down the situation by talking to everyone. After that, Chumki left with Chamak from the shooting set. The shooting was stopped in this incident.

Actress Rukaiya Jahan Chamak has made a place in the TV drama industry in a short time. He is the perfect acting skill and beautiful beauty! It is accompanied by intelligent speech. Sometimes he created a controversy by arguing with fellow artists. All in all, Chamak is currently one of the most popular actresses on the TV screen.

Many people say that if the heroines get married, the demand decreases. Especially in the case of the amazing rising actresses, that is said even more. However, some actresses have managed to maintain their status through good work even after marriage. Thinking of that, maybe before it burns completely, Chakam is going to sit on the wedding stage.

Today he turned yellow. Posting that picture, Chamak wrote, ‘Today the daughter’s body is yellow, tomorrow the daughter’s bia.’ In other words, the actress said that their four hands will be united tomorrow.

Earlier in a video message, Chamak said that he is now staying in Sri Lanka. That means it can be assumed that he planned the wedding ceremony there.

A few days ago, he exchanged rings with the man of his choice. The actress herself said that she published the stills of the special day on her Facebook. In that picture, Chamak and her husband-to-be are seen dressed in red sarees and red punjabi. Not only that, the two were also wearing special day rings.

In the caption of the picture, the actress wrote, ‘Friends, we are in love with each other! With our heavenly love and your prayers we have officially exchanged rings. We are getting married soon. Pray for us.

Even though the engagement is over, Chamak has not said anything about when he is going to get married. Moreover, nothing is known about who the bridegroom is or when he met her.

In 2017, Rukaiya Jahan Chamak entered the showbiz arena as the second runner-up in the Miss World Bangladesh pageant. Then he started acting in 2020. His notable dramas and series are ‘Girls Squad’, ‘House No. 96’, ‘Mahanagar’, ‘Sada Private’, ‘Unfinished’, ‘Haider’, ‘Viral Husband’ etc.


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