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“Intimate photos will never be exposed” – Dighi

Entertainment Desk: A few days ago, rumors of love were spreading on the social media centering on the actress of the film Dhakai Fardeen Dighi. Several pictures of a boy with this actress went viral on Facebook.

Where the murderous moments of the two emerge. Even on that boy’s Facebook profile, Dighi’s presence can be seen. At that time, Dighi addressed the relationship with that boy as just friendship.

Even regarding the pictures, Dighi commented, ‘We are not hiding. The pictures are taken as a friend. Since he is not a media person, I want no discussion about him.

Meanwhile, the pictures of the son with the actress have been reported in many media. While some reports published an ‘intimate’ picture of Tarun with Dighi, this also made headlines.

In an interview given to the media, Dighi said, ‘The boy is my childhood friend. I think we have a personal life besides acting. There is a separate world with separate circles, families. We never bring them forward. From there, a picture somehow caught everyone’s eye. There has been news in some places. It says “intimate photos”.

That is not the case. Because intimate pictures are very scary. They cannot be posted publicly. The pictures that come out of my phone will never be intimate. It will be intimate, which will be in my phone gallery, which will never be public.’

If you want to call Mahimin a friend, their Facebook post says otherwise. In a post on Facebook, Dighi wrote to Mahimin, ‘I love you so much. Always inspire me baby.’

In response to Dighi’s comment, Mahimin Rashid wrote, ‘I love you too. I love you too! It means a lot to me to encourage and support you in your journey. You are such a special person, whom I feel lucky to have in my life. Never stop dreaming.’

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