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Know the benefits of eating any fruit

Life Style Desk:  We all love to eat fruits. As a result, there are many nutrients. Fruits are very beneficial to our body. Let’s find out what fruits benefit us. Here are the benefits of eating fruits:

fruits –

01. mango :

Raw mango – increases Vayu Pitta and Kapha and pollutes the blood.
Ripe mango – it reduces wind bile and phlegm, nourishes the body. The complexion is bright and fair. A very satisfying thirst also relieves fatigue from exertion.
Amsi- eating causes liquid stools but expels wind and phlegm.
Amsatta- eating relieves thirst, vomiting, nausea but the stool becomes liquid.

02. Jackfruit :

Jackfruit is slow digesting. Sukra, force and semen and the body are nourished, Kapha and Vata are increased and blood is reduced if there is cholestasis and edema.

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03. Coconut:

Jhuna Coconut – slows digestion but increases bile.
Raw coconut – it reduces bile.
Dab water – It cures dysentery and diarrhea and cholera. Heartburn and thirst are quenched. But urine increases.
04. Guava – Guava slows digestion but reduces pitta and wind.

05. Pears – It is easily digestible. Reduces Tridosha but increases Shukra and Dhatu.

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06. Atafruit – Ata fruit is digested late. Increases strength and flesh and reduces blood bile and wind.

07. Banana – Increases Shukra, Mansh and Kapha and removes Meha and Vayu. And chanchala increases force and blood but decreases stool.

08. Potato:

Red Potatoes – Red potatoes are slow digesting but give you energy. Condensation of pulmonary embolism expels phlegm.
Shakha Alu- Cold properties and removes Vayupitta and Kapha.

09. Bell:

Kadbel – Reduces flatulence, removes wind, bile, sores, flatulence, vomiting, heart disease and poisons.
Kachabel – Digestive agent reduces stool. Very beneficial for wind, phlegm, fever and diarrhoea.
Pakabel – slows digestion but increases tridosha.

10. Footiphal or Bangi- useful in burns, burns, urinary, black and stone diseases.

Young Cucumber – Delays digestion, increases Shukra and Vata, reduces Kapha, Kushti and Krimi.

11. Watermelon – improves digestion and reduces flatulence.

12. Papaya – improves digestion, reduces phlegm, bile. Benefits the eyes. Fever, thirst, jaundice, rheumatic fever, mugra krishta, blood, pitta, meha and swara are especially useful.

13. Ripe dates – slows digestion and increases tridosha.

14. Dates:

Ripe dates – slow digestion. Increases satiety, nutrition, strength and Venus. Removes blood, pitta, decay diseases, wind, vomiting, fever, breath, murcha alcoholic diseases, wind, pitta diseases.
Dates Juice – Increases digestion, strength, semen and urine and reduces phlegm.
15. Jam:

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Jama- Increases Vayu and reduces Kapha and Pitta.
Rose jam- tastes cooling and slows digestion.
Jamrul- late digestion. Reduces rheumatism and phlegm.
16. Pineapple- increases the creamy, cold, fever fighting juice.

17. Sweet Pomegranate – easily digested. Venus increases strength and intellect. Increases the taste of the mouth. It is especially useful for thirst, burning, fever, diarrhea and constipation.

18. plum ; 

Digestion is slow. Increases Venus, increases nutrition and reduces constipation. Especially useful in diseases of thirst, blood, bile and wounds.
Small colic- Reduces rheumatism and bile.

19. Kamranga- Increases taste in the mouth, reduces phlegm and wind.

20. Chalata- though late digested. Cleanses the stool, removes depression dosha from the body.

21. Formja- reduces thirst, increases bile.

22. Olive – It is easily digested. Reduces wind and phlegm.

23. Tetul:

Raw bitter gourd – Increases blood bile, dysentery but reduces wind and colic diseases.
Ripe Turmeric – It is easily digested and clears the bowels and reduces phlegm and wind.
24. Grapefruit – enhances taste. Very useful in Vayu, blood bile, respiratory cough, dysentery, hiccough edema, acid bile, chronic dyspepsia and anemia.

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25. Raisins – slow digestion. Reduces urination, in the body

26. Manakka – Increases Venus, eye diseases, fever, thirst, rheumatism, blood jaundice, kidney stones, blood gall, meh edema, alcoholics’ diseases and is especially useful in voice disorders. Cleanses the stool, removes phlegm and bile.

Pistachio – Nutrients and increases Venus.

27. Nuts are slow digesting. Increases kapha and shukra, damages blood bile.

28. Grape fruit – particularly useful in thirst, musha, burning fever, respiratory and vomiting diseases.

29. Shingara/Nanifal – Late digestion. Cleanses stools, increases sukru and is beneficial for rheumatism, gallstones and bilious diseases.

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30. Lemon:

Orange – Digestive agent, improves taste, eye diseases, stomach diseases, leprosy, hemorrhoids, colic, fever, cough, vomiting and thirst and especially useful in wind diseases.
Kaji Lembu- It is easy to digest, prevents rheumatism and vomiting.
Jamir Lembu – Appetizing, digestive, increases strength and bile, reduces vomiting.
Taba lemon – improves digestion, cleanses bowels. Relieves diseases of breath, cough, vomiting, gul, hiccups, flatulence, heart disease and spleen, spleen etc.

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