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Ways to sexually satisfy your partner

Life Style Desk: When you hear the word sex or intercourse, both the mind and the body become excited. But many times we tend to forget about sexual needs in this busy life. Today, without sex, the world would be empty. Today, sex is not only for procreation but also for pleasure.

Along with mental peace, physical peace is needed to keep every relationship alive. That relationship does not last long if the sex life is not happy. Many are reluctant towards this sex life, so their relationship breaks up in the near future.

Especially men as well as how women can enjoy sex more In today’s age, intercourse is more satisfying (orgasm) for women – experts are also giving different opinions about this.

The pleasure zone for both men and women in intercourse is quite different. A woman feels fully reconciled when she reaches the extreme limit. But it takes much less time for men to reach the extreme limit. This is where the real problem arises. So don’t just look at your own happiness, you should also think about other people’s happiness. It is up to you to see if he is being properly satisfied. How to understand?

The heart beat will start to increase, blood will pool in the mouth, breathing will become heavy. Some will start sweating. But the most certain thing is that such an exciting feeling will be created in the woman’s vagina – which she has never felt before. Another kind of indescribable joy or happiness will be found. You will feel extremely tired after this feeling lasts for a few seconds. And the vagina will become dry and the slippery feeling of the vagina will decrease. She quickly returns to normal after climaxing (on the other hand, male euphoria collapses in a short period of time).

Many times, this condition exists in the woman’s body for a long time and she feels this pleasure intermittently if her husband is active during intercourse several times.

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