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Mint leaves to reduce acne

Desk: Mint leaf chutney is eaten with various delicacies including pakora, singara, puri. Meanwhile, the mint leaves are effective in keeping the skin good, did you know that? Whether you are using herbal facewash, shampoo or conditioner, it also contains mint extract. The use of mint leaves to enhance the taste of cooked food or salads is quite old.

People who are not suffering from various skin problems can hardly be found. Problems with acne, blackheads, and dry skin are common. Mint leaves at hand can help you in these cases. With the help of this beneficial herb you can easily solve various skin problems. Learn about the use and effectiveness of mint leaves in skin care-

Helps reduce bruises

If you suffer from acne, use mint leaves. It is rich in salicylic acid and vitamin A. These ingredients regulate the secretion of sebum oil into the skin. If the skin type is oily, there is a fear of getting more acne. Mint leaves are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. As a result, it prevents inflammation as well as eliminates acne. That’s why you must first make a paste of mint leaves. Then apply the paste on the acne and wait until it dries. When dry, wash with cold water. This will remove the acne scars, the pores will be clean.

Heals wounds

Mint leaves help in healing any kind of skin wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to eliminate skin wounds, cuts, mosquito bites, itching, etc. That’s why you must first extract the juice of mint leaves. Then the rostuku should be applied to the affected area. It will heal wounds as well as skin burns.

Keeps skin moist and supple

Mint leaves are effective in keeping the skin moist and soft from the inside out. It acts as a mild astringent. As a result, the skin becomes naturally soft. The use of mint leaves removes dirt from the pores of the skin. This makes the skin more fresh and beautiful. It is also effective in improving blood circulation to the skin. Paste the mint leaves and apply on the face for 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water. You will feel the benefits yourself.

Eliminates dark circles

Black spots under the eyes can be a witness to many of your nightmares. It may be due to anxiety or any illness. But these spots reduce the beauty of your face a lot. You can use mint leaves to remove dark circles or dark circles under the eyes. Apply mint leaf paste on the black spots under the eyes overnight. Then get up in the morning and wash in clean and cold water. With regular use, dark circles will be removed quickly.

Increases skin radiance

Mint leaves work to increase the radiance of the skin. Its antiseptic properties prevent skin blemishes and blemishes. It also reduces skin damage caused by sunlight. That’s why you need to use mint leaf juice on the skin. If you use it once a month, you will get good results.

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