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Quick makeup can damage skin

In social media, many people are quickly presenting different makeup tips, different stages of learning makeup, and even popular models or heroines. But in reality such makeup tips can cause skin damage. While quick makeup methods are useful in some cases, many methods are harmful to the skin. Neha Chhabra, the founder of India’s ‘Keywest Academy of Beauty and Makeup’ discussed in the report published in recently. So let’s know some things-

Use of lip liner: It is not right to use lip liner on the eyes, it damages the eyes due to the use of harsh pigments. A little kajal can be used if there are dark spots around the eyes.

Use of lipstick: Many people use lipstick as blush. According to Neha Chhabra, dark or liquid lipsticks should not be used as blush as they use dark colors suitable for lips. Moreover, to use lipstick as a blush, you have to rub it hard on your face, which is not good for your skin. If someone wants to use lipstick as a blush, they can use light colored and cream based lipsticks. It blends easily with the skin.

Use of petroleum jelly: Many people think that using petroleum jelly on the eyelids makes them thicker and bigger, which is a misconception. Instead, small cysts may appear under the eyes. Using castor oil instead of petroleum jelly helps to thicken and grow eyelashes.

Use of glue: Applying glue on the skin of the hands and applying glue on the skin of the face is not the same. As it contains various chemical ingredients, it can cause burning and breakouts when used on the skin. Also, there is a possibility of skin damage and disease.

Use of deodorant roll: This is very strange and wrong tip. Deodorants are made with various chemical ingredients that are sensitive to facial skin and can also damage the skin. In many cases, skin burns may also occur.

Use of soap: A method of using soap on the eyebrows during makeup has become popular recently. This method can keep the shape of the eyebrows beautiful. But soap weakens the eyebrows. As a result, the eyebrows may fall.

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