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Taylor Swift Deep Faked

Entertainment Desk: American pop star Taylor Swift had a great last year. One by one, all the records on the shelves were picked up. The singer who made it to the list of the most influential women in the world is a victim of deep fake.

Last year, Bollywood actress Rashmika was in the limelight. A deep fake video of him was created using artificial intelligence (AI) and circulated on social media. This time pop star Taylor Swift got stuck in that net. His offensive pictures and videos are also spread on social media.

Recently, the deepfake video of singer Taylor Swift has spread on social media X (Twitter). The video has already come to the attention of many people.

That ugly video has also been reposted almost 24 thousand times. Several accounts have also been suspended for allegedly spreading the video. But by then it was too late. The deepfake video was on the social media page for about 17 hours. The singer’s fans demanded strict legal action against the accused.

Taylor Swift Deep Faked


But no one is able to reach the accused who has no address. The accused also claimed that no matter how powerful they are, they will not reach him in any way. However, pop star Taylor did not say anything about it.

Late last year, Rashmika Mandana, Katrina Kaif, Kajol and Alia Bhatt were victims of deepfake videos. Matters went to court. The police have found the person responsible for Rashmika’s incident.


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