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Ways to know good people

Rajbari Journal Desk: A good way to know people, what a strange thing! Can people be recognized again? In fact, every animal is born with its identity, only humans have to become human. Hasan Azizul Haque’s words have a lot of depth.

A person is not considered a human if he is born with a human form in body. In the good mix of manners, behavior, character, people have to become like human beings with their good qualities.

In the moving world, we have to get acquainted with new people every day. Talk about work, talk about kinship, talk about marital relationship, talk about business, we always expect that the relationship is with good people.

But what a danger! Good people don’t have signboards hanging on them saying that they are good people. We can get some idea of what man is really like by his character and traits. We can do the work of knowing good people only by looking at the character traits of people.

Although it is very difficult to know what good people are like, people hold a definite possible structure based on the behavior of good people in the past. The characteristic features of good people will help to recognize good people among millions of people, among all kinds of people.

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