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Who will be Kim’s successor?

International Desk: Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea. There is no end of speculation about who will be the next leader of North Korea. During the corona epidemic, there was a lot of discussion about who would replace Kim if he was infected with the corona virus. Kim’s younger sister and one of the country’s most important political advisers, Kim Yo Jong, was expected to become the leader of North Korea.

But the sudden appearance of a little girl with Kim changes this idea. Kim’s daughter, Kim Ju-ae, made her first public appearance in 2022. Then there are new rumors that he is going to be the future leader of North Korea. But this time after the South Korean intelligence agency made the same claim, this idea seems to have taken root. British media BBC reported this information on Friday.

The intelligence agency of neighboring South Korea has claimed that Kim Jong-un’s teenage daughter Kim Ju-ae could be a ‘possible’ successor. He has been seen with Kim on several occasions during the country’s missile tests and military parades.

The BBC reports that this is the first time South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has recognized Kim Ju-ae as Kim Jong-un’s successor.

Ju-aye’s first appearance in public

Kim Ju-ae made her first public appearance at the end of 2022. Since then, there is a lot of interest in the world media about him. Since then, Kim Joo- ae has started with a ‘different’ image.

According to the NIS, observing the respect and love North Koreans have for Ju-Ae since he was introduced to the public, he is now the most likely successor to Kim.

The intelligence agency also says, ‘However, all other possibilities cannot be ruled out. Our eyes and ears are open. Because Kim Jong Un is still quite young and has no major health problems.

Kim Ju-ae is believed to be the second eldest child of the North Korean leader and is around 10 years old.

“Respected” daughter

North Korea watchers say Kim is now being referred to as an ‘honoured’ daughter rather than a ‘favorite’ daughter. During Kim Ju-ae’s public debut in November 2022, she was introduced as the ‘favorite’ daughter.

The adjective ‘respected’ is reserved for North Korea’s most revered figure. In the case of Kim Jong Un, he was referred to as an ‘honored comrade’ only after being selected as the future leader of North Korea.

North Koreans are told that the Kims come from a holy bloodline. Which means, only they can lead the country. Therefore, Kim will want to be sure to hand over this position to the fourth generation to protect this tradition.

The presence of Kim’s daughter

Recently, Kim Aye accompanied her father to the launch of North Korea’s Hwasong-18 solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). It is the most advanced long-range missile in North Korea’s arsenal.

North Korea successfully launched a spy satellite named Maligyong-1 into orbit last November after two failed attempts. He was also seen with Kim.

The end of rigid patriarchal prejudice?

Analysts said the move may have been aimed at introducing Kim Aye to the public earlier, with Kim wanting his daughter to establish herself before coming to power.

Many believe it could also be a way for Kim to overcome North Korea’s staunch patriarchal prejudice. North Korea has never been led by a woman.

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