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3 ways to remove stains from clothes

News Desk:  It’s normal to feel upset when a favorite garment gets a stain. Because most stains once set do not want to come off. So you will cancel the clothes? not at all There are easy ways to remove meat broth, coffee stains, tea stains, chocolate stains—whatever.

You can remove stubborn stains from clothes at home without going to the laundry. So don’t worry even if you get stains on your clothes. Instead, you can clean it yourself by knowing the way. Let’s know the 3 ways to remove stains on clothes –

Use of talcum powder
Use talcum powder to remove oil stains from clothes. Spread talcum powder well on the affected area. Now place a blotting paper just below that part of the cloth. Take some more powder. Now rub it well on the spot. It will remove the stain a lot. Then mix detergent with water and apply it on the stain to remove the yellow stains on the clothes. Let it dry like this. Wash off with water when dry. It will remove the stains on the clothes.

Vinegar and Multani Mati
One of the ways to remove stains from clothes is to use vinegar and Multani clay. Mix these two ingredients together to form a mixture. It is very effective in removing any stains from clothes. Now apply the mixture on the cloth where the stain is. Leave it like this for a while. When dry, wipe it off with a wet cloth.

Ammonia solution
If you get chocolate stains on your clothes, one of the best ways to remove them is to use an ammonia solution. If chocolate sticks to clothes, first shake off the dried chocolate well. After 5 minutes, apply ammonia solution drop by drop on the stain. Then rub the stain with another cloth. After some time wash it well.

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