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Rules for opening a valid Paypal account

Online Desk: One of the most popular payment services today is PayPal. Although it can be used comfortably in most countries of the world, there are restrictions in various countries including Bangladesh. Today we will tell you about the rules for opening Paypal account legally in Bangladesh.

In December 1998, 3 people named Max Levkin, Peter Thiel and Luke Nosek founded a company called ‘Confinity’. Back then it was just used as a digital or modern wallet. Later this company took the name Paypal.

In 1999, PayPal introduced an electronic payment system. PayPal quickly became popular all over the world due to its many advantages in international transactions. Paypal is easily accepted in most countries. But unfortunately, it is true that all the benefits of this payment system are still not available in Bangladesh.

So many people think that Paypal account cannot be opened legally in Bangladesh. By doing this, many people try to adopt various unethical methods including providing false information. You can learn about the rules of opening a Paypal account in Bangladesh legally today from this article.

Can Paypal be used legally in Bangladesh?
One thing is often heard to be said online or offline, Paypal account cannot be opened legally in Bangladesh. Again, those who have ever visited PayPal’s website must have noticed that the ‘Bangladesh’ option is not found while opening a personal account.

Actually, mobile number with verification is mandatory while opening personal account in PayPal. And Bangladeshi mobile numbers do not support PayPal. But, mobile number is not really important while creating a business account. So this type of account can be done from Bangladesh as well. We will try to describe in detail the rules for opening a Paypal account in Bangladesh using the ‘Business’ option. So keep reading the article without skipping.

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