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Boss words that demoralize employees

News Desk:  A good leader is one who inspires others by his words and actions. How a boss directs his employees is a good indicator of how good he is as a boss. Some are not very supportive and motivating as bosses. They may say things that are enough to demoralize an employee. According to psychologists, these words of the boss can reduce the morale of the employees, can make them depressed-

“I understand that but…”

If your boss always adds a ‘but’ to everything, it means he is not really willing to listen or understand you. It is clear from his words that he does not think your proposal is valid or presentable. There is no saying that the boss will agree with all the ideas or suggestions of the employee. But if he does not give an acceptable explanation of his objection to the worker, it is quite disappointing. Such behavior of the boss lowers the employee’s confidence a lot.

“Finish the work in five minutes”

Creativity cannot be developed over time. But if your boss gives you a short time frame for a task and he thinks the task will require a short time, it can be frustrating. Because he is probably asking you to do something that is not very important. If something was necessary, he could do it himself. Or he doesn’t want to appreciate your creativity.

“shut up”

When someone, especially your boss, says ‘shut up’, it can sound very mean and annoying. A boss may say this to calm down the employee, but it is not appropriate to silence the employee with a bullying tone in the face of a difficult situation. A good boss will definitely find better ways to convince the employee.

“At the End of the Day…”

When a boss says this, it means that what he says is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Such behavior reveals the inflexible nature of the boss. It also means that he is not willing to listen, understand or agree to new and creative ideas. This can be very frustrating for an employee who wants to develop and learn more.

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