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How to care for lips in winter?

News Desk: Lips need special care at this time. Chapped or chapped lips are more distressing than bad. The chapped lips become lifeless. A grimace appeared on the smiling lips. So lips should be taken care of in all seasons. Many people just want petroleum jelly or vaseline to protect their lips from winter.

Apart from this, lips need extra care. Shahina Afrin Moushumi, owner of Herbs Ayurvedic Skin Care Clinic, said about this. Lips need to be taken care of the most during winter. The first thing in lip care is to keep it soft and supple.

Since the outdoor humidity is low during this time, some extra care is required. In this case, many people use only lip balm on their lips. I can make a mixture with this lip balm, some moisturizing lotion, and a few drops of glycerin. Before going to sleep at night, clean the lips with lukewarm water and apply the lip balm mixture and the next day, clean it with a towel with lukewarm water.

It will keep the lips soft throughout the day. Along with this there is a lip scrub. To make this scrub, you need half teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of rice powder and half teaspoon of aloe vera gel, mix well and make the scrub.

This mixture should be kept on the lips for some time and should be lightly massaged around the lips. At the end, wash it off with mild lukewarm water. The next step is to apply moisturizer to the lips. In case of moisturizing, glycerin should be given first and after that lip balm should be used. It will keep the lips soft and supple for a long time.

Apart from this, glycerine and rose water should be mixed and kept separately in case of using lipstick. Apply this mixture on the lips before applying lipstick. After this lipstick should be used.

By doing this, the moisture of the lips will be correct and the lips will not crack and the color of the lipstick will not change. And in this way, the lips will be protected throughout the winter and you will also have a sweet smile of beautiful lips.

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