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How to repel mosquitoes at home?

News Desk: There is no escape from mosquito infestation in summer or winter. Mosquitoes are entering the house in the afternoon. It brings with it many diseases including dengue, malaria. Many people use different sprays or many chemicals to repel mosquitoes.

Experts say that the use of chemicals may or may not eliminate mosquitoes. But they are causing serious damage to the body. According to them, it can lead to various health problems both physically and mentally. In that case, you can opt for home remedies instead of using Raynik. It is possible to get rid of mosquitoes by using natural methods. It will get rid of mosquitoes as well as health problems.

Ways to repel mosquitoes-

Camphor- The strong smell of camphor repels mosquitoes. For this first close all the doors and windows of the room. And then light a piece of camphor in the house. Mosquitoes will leave the house in no time.

Garlic- The smell of garlic also repels mosquitoes. For this, take a few cloves of garlic and boil it well in water. Now fill that water in a spray bottle and spray it in different places of the house.

Lavender Oil – The scent of lavender oil is as desirable to humans as it is to mosquitoes. Fill a spray bottle with lavender oil and spray it around the house.

Mint leaves: Just like the smell of lavender oil, the smell of mint leaves is absolutely repulsive to mosquitoes. Experts say that there is no mosquito infestation if there is a mint leaf plant at home. You can also spray peppermint leaf oil in the house if necessary.

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