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How to draw eyelashes with mascara

Desk: Girls wear makeup every day. Even a daytime look requires a little highlighting of the eyes. To give them expression, it is enough to paint the eyelashes. Many people think that choosing the right brand of cosmetics is the main task. Of course, quality matters, but even the most expensive mascara will not give the desired effect if it is applied incorrectly. There are several techniques for applying mascara, as well as nuances, under which a beautiful image is ensured.

The easiest way to choose mascara for long eyelashes is to use a tool that will give them extra volume.
For sparse eyelashes, you should buy a medium thick consistency mascara. When applied, it will separate the hair and coat them, giving extra volume.
Soft eyelashes should be drawn with a stiff brush and not too much liquid mascara so that they do not stick together. Using such a tool, it will be possible to apply it evenly and separate the hair.
For strong eyelashes, mascara with an elastic brush is also well suited. For consistency, it is better to give preference to a more liquid carcass. This will help coat your lashes evenly.
In addition, in order for the mascara to fit well and last as long as possible, the cream should not be applied to the eyelashes. Before dyeing it is recommended to reduce hair with tonic and then powder. So they will look more dense and lush.


Some beauties resort to curling their eyelashes before applying mascara to give them shape. This can be done in two ways. One of them is Bio Wave, which is done periodically. In this case, before drawing the eyelashes, it is enough to straighten the hair with your fingers.

The second method involves curling the eyelashes with special forceps. The main thing here is to be careful not to burn the skin, so a cold training tool is used first. The eyelashes are lifted with forceps and lightly pinched, but not for 10 seconds, as this may cause them to break or fall out.

Apply mascara on the upper eyelid
There are several options for how to properly draw mascara eyelashes. Their choice mostly depends on your own preferences:

Zigzag. Mascara is applied from the bottom up in a slow motion from the middle of the eyelid to the outer edge, then to the inner corner. This method lengthens the eyelashes well and prevents the hairs from clumping together. It is worth noting that most professional makeup artists use the zigzag method.
Blink method. You just need to attach the brush to the edge of the eyelid and close your eyes, repeat as many times as necessary. This method is suitable for long and thick eyelashes, because it evenly distributes the mascara and gives them a natural look.
Apply mascara with the tip of the brush. This method is rarely used, although it contributes to giving maximum volume, but, as a result, the eyelashes look unnatural, become weighted and stick together.

You can draw eyelashes in a similar manner only on the upper eyelids, they will not work for the lower eyelids. Also, it is recommended to observe the following nuances:

It is necessary to start drawing eyelashes from the middle of the eyelid, moving towards the outer edge, only then the mascara is applied inside;
Mascara is applied with light movements from the bottom, if it is done in the opposite direction, the eyelashes will stick together;
The maximum amount of mascara is applied to the edges of the eyelashes, the tips of the eyelashes should have a little pigment so that they do not stick together, forming lumps;
To give eyelashes more volume, the mascara should dry a little and cover with another layer;
To create a twist effect, the eyes are closed, and the hair is drawn with a brush towards the eyelids;
You need to know the measurements when applying mascara: 2 layers are enough for day makeup, evening makeup involves 3-4 layers or using false eyelashes.

Sometimes applying mascara makes the eyelids dirty. In such cases, reapply makeup without bothering. When the ink dries well, the pigment is easily removed with a damp cotton.

Apply mascara to the lower eyelid
To properly color eyelashes with mascara on the lower eyelid, you should also follow some recommendations. Therefore, it is necessary to use a small thin brush: it will greatly simplify the process and help not to stain the eyelids. You have to start staining from the inner corner and move outwards. Movement should be smooth.

When applying mascara to the cilia of the lower eyelid, it is important not to overdo it, because excess funds will lead to hair weight and clogging. Makeup artists have different opinions about coloring eyelashes from below, as some believe that it reduces eyesight. In this case, it is worth conducting an experiment: if this happens, it is better to completely refuse to apply mascara to the lower eyelashes.

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