Monday, December 4, 2023

Sleep in a few minutes! Scientists’ fancy mattress

Desk News :  Recently, a group of scientists from the University of Texas developed a novel mattress. It also comes with a specially made pillow. Using which you will fall asleep quickly. As a result, it will be very beneficial for those who have long-term sleep problems.

This mattress mainly uses heating and cooling method to create conditions for good sleep. According to scientists, it is made for people who stay up late at night mainly because of smartphones.

According to the scientists, ‘manipulating the body’s internal sensory sensors makes the preparation for falling asleep easier.

According to a research paper published in the Journal of Sleep Research, a total of 11 subjects were tested with this mattress. To implement the objective, people were asked to go to bed two hours earlier than their usual bedtime. It is then asked to use this mattress.

Test results showed that, on nights when they used the mattress, they fell asleep faster. The nights they slept without using this mattress, they didn’t sleep well. As a result, scientists claim that the mattress is effective.

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