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Why are the eyes closed while kissing?

Desk Life Style: A kiss is an expression of intense love. People kiss to express their love for each other. Have you noticed that you close your eyes when you kiss? Have you ever wondered why this happens? No matter where the kiss is at any time anywhere in the world, both will close their eyes in sheer bliss.

Because of satisfaction

According to psychologists, there are several reasons behind closing the eyes while kissing. According to them, people behave like this because of satisfaction. Just like eating a good food or listening to a good song closes our eyes with passion, same happens with a kiss.

mind connection

Mindfulness also comes into play when it comes to closing your eyes while kissing. Forgetting everything around, all the thoughts are then the subject of the kiss. So the mind is isolated from the surroundings by keeping the eyes closed.

Shame and shame

Kissing is part of love. And there is always some shame and shyness involved in love or affection. It is not uncommon for the eyes to close due to that feeling of shame.


Love also means privacy. When someone closes their eyes, they have the impression that no one can see them. This feeling can cause a couple to close their eyes when they kiss.


Kissing is part of surrendering to each other. This sense of surrender comes only when trust and confidence are born for one another. To whom there is immense faith, he can be trusted even with his eyes closed!

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