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Why do men fall in love with married women?

News Desk: Love will be between two single people, that’s normal. But the problem is, love is not always bound by rules. Turns out, there are so many single girls around that men aren’t even looking at her. But she is loving someone who is already in a relationship! Many times some men are seen falling in love with married women. This number is not low at all.

Married means he has got involved with someone else. What is the reason to fall in love with someone where there is no hope? Have you ever wondered why this happens? Experts have emphasized a few things here. Let’s find out why men fall in love with married women-

There is no pressure of expectation

When two single people form a relationship, both parties have certain expectations. A lover can expect a lot from a lover and a lover from a lover. This is also normal. But there are many men who don’t want to be responsible or set expectations in a relationship. Because of this, they fall in love with married women knowingly. Because they know any expectation of such a relationship will not work. Do not have to fulfill any responsibility.

assert yourself

It is normal to find a single girl as a lover. But if a man can have a relationship with a married woman, he can assert himself a lot. He thought, surely there is something in me that makes even married women fall in love! You can tell your friends!

There is no commitment

A love relationship means commitment. In this case, there is a lot of responsibility towards the lover. Thinking about the good and bad of a lover, trying to keep her good – these are considered trouble by many men. They want to avoid this responsibility. Because of which they want to run away from the normal relationship. They may look for someone who doesn’t have to take responsibility, who doesn’t have to think about good or bad. A relationship with which to continue without any kind of commitment.

Considers married women experienced

Married women are considered experienced by most men. He trusts the experience of a married woman more than a younger and unmarried young woman. Because he has seen many aspects of love and relationships. He can be prepared for any situation in the relationship. This trust can also create a man’s attraction to a married woman.

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